Evalitica is revolutionary software that intends to comprehensively support program evaluation and compliance audits. Evalitica has been developed by professional evaluators and has required multiple years of planning for it to be developed.

Evalitica can support all forms and stages of program evaluation. By incorporating international and widely-accepted guidelines in it's design and development, Evalitica can assure a credible evaluation is conducted.

Also because of its versatile features, Evalitica can be used to plan, conduct and complete risk mitigation and business improvement processes too. Evalitica can help with the identification of risk elements and prepare mitigation strategies. Also the same features can be used to identify issues in business processes and prepare improvement strategies.



Evalitica's architecture and features required many years of careful planning.


Evalitica has been developed by evaluators with decades of experience in conducting program evaluation and audits.


Evalitica has been tested multiple times by independent evaluators and auditors.


Evalitica intends to support all phases of the evaluation and audits through the following components:

  • Cockpit
  • Prolo Creator
  • Aucha Creator
  • DataSafe
  • Report Writer


Key Aspects

International Standards

Evalitica adopts the internationally accepted 'CIPP' model in its design as well as CDC, European Union, American and Australian professional evaluation body guidelines.


As well as comprehensively supporting evaluations, Evalitica can support the implementation of performance audits, business improvement and risk management strategies.


As Evalitica is cloud-based, you can access the software and your saved data in any location with access to the web.



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