Evalitica and its alignment with international guidelines

How does Evalitica comprehensively support your evaluation while aligning with internationally accepted guidelines?

Evalitica FAQ

Can Evalitica be used for non-evaluation purposes?

Yes, Evalitica's features and modules are generic enough to be used for risk management and business improvement planning. Also, dedicated audit planning and reporting features in the software help with compliance audits.

Is Evalitica for professional evaluators only?

While professional evaluators will love the features of Evalitica, the intuitive design of Evalitica and availability of user-friendly video-guides means non-professionals can confidently use the software to plan, design and implement credible evaluations.

How does Evalitica help institutions and individuals?

Evalitica saves institutions and individuals time and money by providing the necessary framework to conduct quality evaluations and audits at a very economical price.